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🤔What you can do when an RCD trips?

RCD usually trip because of faulty appliances or wiring. If your residual current device has tripped with no reason, Here are some tips for you.

👉First, identify what circuits the device is protecting. If your consumer unit has one it maybe protecting all circuits. With two residual current devices; each one monitors half the installation to help minimize inconvenience in the event one trips. If you have an RCBO (a residual current device and overload protection device in one unit) it protects one circuit and therefore the easiest to troubleshoot.

👉 Turn all electrical equipment in the property off (to prevent damage to televisions, computers and other sensitive electronic devices). Switch the residual current device off by the lever, or by pressing the test button. Now make a list of what no longer works that should. The list will tell you what circuits and appliances could be causing the problem.

👉 If you believe the socket circuit is to blame; unplug all the appliances – not just the easy ones, or the old appliances. Everything.

If you feel you need some assistance on your RCD. please call James at Waltech electricians on 0497 797 101 😎 or message us on our Facebook page.

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