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Have you cleaned your air-conditioner's filter lately?🤔

Did you know that a dirty air filter on your air conditioner can not only cost you more money on your energy bill, but it can also cause damage to your HVAC system?


Regular maintenance is vital in order to keep your air conditioner clean and your family healthy.

We recommend that every 2 to 3 months you change or clean your Air Con filters .

Why? Air conditioner filters will get clogged up after prolonged use and restricted air flow which will cause your Air Con coils to get clogged.

As the air conditioner filter ages,it's efficiency is reduced due to the damage of the fibres in the filter media/material.

In addition to restricted air flow, you will experience: Increased energy bills, Added maintenance costs e.g. over heated motors,can cause burn out, Air duct contamination,building up inside, Interior wall, ceiling and Air Con vent dirt, grease, smoke and dust build up, Efficiency is reduced due to the damage of the fibres in the filter media.

Here's a great video on how to clean the filters in your air conditioning system


If the air-conditioner isn't blowing cold air, it may be time to get it inspected!


Call your local Airconditioning specialist James on...📞0497 797 101📞today for a FREE over the phone quote and $50 off your first job.😀



Photo credit: Jason Krieger

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